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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Day 1: Someday I Will Be President

It's that time of the year again! Abe A Day, the 2014 edition. To those of you who might be new to this crazy ass project of mine I'll catch you up really quick.  I grew up in a family where Abraham Lincoln was our shaman, hero, go to man for advice, he was our jam.  I didn't come up with this obsession, it's just the way I was raised.  This blog is dedicated to reminding all you other fools out there who didn't have the same upbringing with Lincoln, everyday in 2014 I will bring a little bit of him to you!  Sometimes it might be something I've made, books about him, clips from movies and TV, other cool Lincoln blogs, you name it and it will probably show up here sometime this year.  

I am determined to finally finish Abe A Day.  I have been working on this blog for 3 years now.  I've put up a fight the past few years, but this time IT'S ON! I think that with a better schedule and a being a little bit more strict with myself this project will be completed...finally. 

The first Abe A Day of 2014 is dedicated to my partner in crime, Larissa (the editor of this blog, as of right now), who bought me this amazing sweater for my birthday. I can just see in my mind Abe stumbling home drunk with his friends one night and totally saying, "You know what man? You know what? Someday I will be President."...or maybe that's just my own version of Abe fan fiction.