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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Day 93: Postcard From A Friend Abe

Today was a magical day! 

It was beautiful outside and I went for a lovely jog around my neighborhood.  When I had come home, the mailman had stopped by and I was presently surprised to see I had a postcard from my friend Jessica (you might remember her from earlier posts, she sent me the book Abe Lincoln's Dream). I love getting "real" mail, and this brought quite the smile to my face.  This is a picture of Death Valley, I actually did an Abe their with my Dad.  I'll have to post the link to the old entry later.  It's a beautiful place.

From the sounds of it, Jessica had a great time too!  Here is what she wrote me, and oh my, did she just mention our boy Abe?? Yes!!! 

As far as I know, Abe never did make it to Nevada.  It is because of him that we entered the union as the 36th state on October 31, 1864.  The Civil War would end six months later. Abraham in passing with Mary talked about what they would want to do once all the violence had ended, she wanted to visit Paris while he wanted to see what California was like.  I'm sure he would have loved all the West had to offer, it's unfortunate he was never able to see it for himself. 

Thank you, Jessica for including Abe & I in your travels.  I love receiving your postcards!