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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Day 107: Malice Abe

The Abes won't stop coming and I'm not complaining. Lately I've received a number of Abes from the people around me.  Abe has shown up at my family's house, at work, and a few days ago my friend Felix sent up that amazing painting.  I had the scrapbook book from yesterday on my desk at work until I could take it home and utterly devour it when my boss saw it and happened to ask what my fascination with our 16th president was.
I'm willing to bet she was 100% taken off guard when she opened that can of worms with me!  Long story short, we walked down to her office where she was awesome enough to lend me this book from her personal library.  She said she used it as a textbook for a class! 

I love these amazing reviews.  One says: It should be in the library of every Lincoln student.  Point taken, I've already ordered my copy online.